​Empowering our customers is our first job. Customer service is more than a department within our company, it is our privilege. We consider it an honor to help our customers maximize potential.

We also feel a deep responsibility to empower other Americans in a tough economy. We are proud of what we build and we are proud of our country. That’s why RG3 Meter Company builds the powerful 1 Watt Tesla AMR system right here in the USA. ​​

​​RG3 brings the field experience and practical knowledge that no other manufacturer can offer. Our staff takes a “hands on” approach and are some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry. From hard earned experience, we know what AMR & AMI systems should be.

When results count, our staff are the people you want building and standing behind your solution. ​

We are here to serve you. Give us a call and see how helpful we can be.​


Over 60 years ago, with the acquisition of the second piece of heavy equipment ever to come to Dallas, Texas, “Speedy” Gregory became the first excavation contractor in the region and one of the first in the state of Texas. 50 years and a few generations later, a migration from excavation to utilities occurred. When all of the current principals came into place in 1998, we became one of the only companies in existence to focus almost exclusively on replacing meters and installing AMR / AMI systems. ​​​​​​​​​ ​​​

​Project scopes have ranged from simple meter change outs to complex customer side rebuilds, requiring every meter box to be excavated. In many instances, we have been charged with incorporating new customer side shut off valves, backflow valves, leak detection devices, and more. We have successfully completed projects in extreme terrains covering the frozen ground and 9 foot meter depths of Kansas and Colorado, to the solid rock of the Texas hill country.​

​​RG3 has the authority to conduct all contracting, meter testing, calibration, and rebuilding throughout most of the Southern United States. Where required, specialized meter specific state contractor licensing is also held in individual states including Louisiana, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, Arkansas, and Florida. In addition, RG3 has had specific training on Master Meter Systems, Elster, Neptune, Infinity, is a Badger Meter Certified Installation Contractor, a Datamatic Certified FIREFLY® Trainer, and an Itron National Installation Contractor. ​

After installing better than a million meters, virtually every AMR / AMI system, and every meter available in the market place, we bought the Infinity Meter line and began manufacturing our own. Infinity had produced the most impressive and functional AMR system our company had ever installed. We knew the installation experience RG3 brought to the existing Infinity product would take the system out of reach from anything else that was available. It was a natural progression and just made sense that the people that know meters and AMR / AMI systems best should build them. We continue to respect the valued perspective we gain from field operations and feel as though a true understanding of functionality gives our company a prized advantage.

RG3 Meter Company is headquartered in the piney woods of East Texas. Our company operates upon Biblical principals. In an effort to honor the Lord God, we hold integrity and honor as core principles. Without reservation, we proclaim that Jesus is the risen Christ, God is our source of provision, and proudly give Him glory.


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